SingleSource is a global marketing platform and asset management system that gives your employees a single source of campaign information, accessible anywhere, at any time.

Deploy in weeks, scale at will.

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Tailored to your needs
  • Per desk licence that can scale on demand
Deploy in weeks
Deploy in weeks

Make it easy to find and use any asset or event.

  • Rapidly search for global marketing assets and events
  • Discover how and when to use each asset with direct link to download it
  • Receive personalised alerts and updates

Maximise availability and use of valuable marketing materials.

  • No more searching for that email attachment or brochure
  • No more hunting through web pages.
  • Everything you need in one, intuitive, resource centre
Deploy in weeks
Deploy in weeks

Connect sales and marketing.

  • Communicate effectively via a single channel
  • Gather feedback to help shape future activity
  • Analyse campaign metrics and other valuable data

Asset Management

One searchable source for all your marketing assets – putting key information at your fingertips that will help.

• Define the fields that categorise each asset to allow search and filter
• Free text search to find assets based on their descriptions
• Set-up alerts to inform users when new assets of interest are uploaded
• Retire or archive assets individually or automatically by date or when a new version of the same asset is uploaded
• Locate details of the creator, owner, marketing agency and even source files for assets if required
• Easy for newcomers to get up to speed quickly.
• A historical record of marketing activity across every region and sector.

Event Management

One searchable source for all your marketing assets – putting key information at your fingertips that will help

• Visual timeline with summary information that expands to reveal detailed insight.
• Upload event information with system prompts to ensure the right fields are completed.
• Prompts can also be triggered by time, for instance allowing a ‘Hold the date’ posting.

Project Management

Use SingleSource to record activities for a project or bid, automatically sharing documents or action requests with appropriate individuals or groups, providing an at-a-glance overview of the project’s progress with the ability to deep-dive into specific areas to check the status. Reports and alerts can be automated to flag activities that are overdue or notify people of forthcoming deadlines.


Share assets or events in seconds via email, chat mobile or your chosen collaboration platform such as Slack, WebEx and GoToMeeting. Set up alerts so that you are always kept up-to-date whenever an asset or event of interest to you is added to SingleSource.

Metrics and Monitoring

The SingleSource platform enables you to monitor activities across every channel, giving you valuable insight into which items are being used, what events are being interrogated and what assets are being shared. This provides a live update detailing those assets and events that are repaying their investment and those that are under-used, helping shape your future activity and providing that essential connection between sales and marketing.

By opening a two-way channel between marketing and the users you can gather direct feedback about how each item has been received, combining this with other metrics to give the most accurate and detailed measure of ROI possible.

Cloud-based or on-premise

Singlesource can be deployed securely via our chosen provider Amazon Cloud or, if you wish, your nominated could provider or on-premise server.

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